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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gene G. Bradbury has a B.A. in Philosophy, an M.Div. in Theology, and a Master's Degree in Spiritual Direction. He teaches adult classes in theology in his area, is involved in numerous writers' workshops, and enjoys sharing his stories during school visits. His stories may be found in various children's magazines and adult periodicals. Gene’s love of books is evident in his home library of six thousand volumes. He still enjoys reading children’s picture books. Gene lives with his wife, Deborah, in the Pacific Northwest. Early morning finds him in his study writing poetry or stories for children. His day ends with reading a book in bed.

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In My Imaginary Garden

In My Imaginary Garden: Poems for Children, young children can explore the garden. They will meet twelve creatures who live there or who may be passing by. They will learn about the insects and birds in the beautiful illustrations by artist Heather Andrews (Her first book). Children will find her artwork colorful and fun.

Duck In The Truck

Duck In The Truck brings to the child's reading experience a lullaby-singing duck. With colorful illustrations of Jean Wyatt who also illustrated, 'When Cricket's Snore' and 'Kitten Kitty Reads a Book'.

Harvesting First Lines in Fiction
Harvesting First Lines is the sixth book of poetry by author Gene G. Bradbury.

The first lines of any book invite the reader to read further. If it doesn't, it's unlikely we will read on. The poetry that follows each first line is Gene's response to the author's first words. Creativity, insightful pondering and kindness all add to the charm of his poetry.

Fergus And The Day Before Christmas
Fergus And The Day Before Christmas is the fifth book of Fergus's adventures by author Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. Come and help Fergus and his friends load Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. The time is short and the job must be done in one day. Can all the presents be carried from Santa's workshop in time for Christmas?
Yah's Wild Gift of Imagination
Yah's Wild Gift of Imagination begins in the swirl of darkness. But the light of Yah's wonderful and surprising imagination brings colorful life to the universe. You will marvel at the creepy-crawly things, the flying-whirly things, and the beautiful gifts created in Yah's workshop. Enjoy the wonderful imagination and illustrations by artist Roxanne Grinstad.
Kitten Kitty Reads a Book
Kitten Kitty Reads a Book invites children to sit on a parent's lap and read a favorite storybook. But what happens when the doorbell rings? When kittens line up outside with their favorite books, will there be room for one kitten more? This is the second children's book written by Gene G. Bradbury and illustrated by Jean Wyatt. If you enjoy this, look for "When Crickets Snore".
Four Stories Under Four Feet
Short Stories Under Four Feet, these stories are short enough to read before going to sleep. Put on your pajamas and find out how a tree becomes the universe, about dancing with Orcas or making pretzels. This is the second middle-grade book published by the author.

The Mouse with Wheels in His Head. Meet Fergus who wants to be the first mouse to ride the new Ferris Wheel. Follow Fergus and his extraordinary dream to see the 1893 Chicago Exhibition from the top of this marvelous new invention. Will a tiny mouse find a way to ride the Wheel to the top of the world? Can he do it without being discovered? Author Gene G. Bradbury and Illustrator Victoria Wickell-Stewart.
Gene Bradbury books

The Mouse Who Wanted to Fly by Gene Bradbury. Illustrated children's book. This is the second in a series of stories about a mouse with big ideas. Fergus was the first mouse to ride a Ferris Wheel, now he finds his way onto the Wright brothers' first airplane flight. Illustrations by Victoria Wickell-Stewart.
Fergus of Lighthouse Island

Fergus of Lighthouse Island. Another children's book by Gene Bradbury. Fergus the mouse saves the day when a storm approaches. Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart.
Fergus of 221B Baker Street

Fergus of 221B Baker Street and the Case of Hickory, Dickory, Dock. Story by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. Fergus, the adventuresome mouse, visits his uncle in England who lives behind the walls of the very house where Sherlock Holmes lives.
Mischievous Max, A Teddy Bear Story

Mischievous Max, A Teddy Bear Story. Another fun children's book by Gene Bradbury. In Leon's room you will find many teddy bears. Most of them are soft and wonderful to take to bed. But there is one bear who Leon never takes to bed. His name is Max Bear and his fur tickles and his eyes are beastly.
Bedtime Stories to Make You Smile

Bedtime Stories To Make You Smile is part of a series of bedtime books for young children. In this collection of seven stories the intent is to bring a smile to the reader and send them to sleep with happy dreams. Stories by Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Hannah Bradbury.
When Crickets Snore

When Crickets Snore is a delightful look at the private life of those singing crickets. Do they really snore? Story by Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Jean Wyatt.
The King's Butterfly

The King's Butterfly. Story by Gene G. Bradbury, Illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. The King's Butterfly invites children to enjoy and respect the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. When the King and Queen capture the butterfly to keep it for a royal pet, they soon find out that a butterfly is meant to fly free.
Christmas story by Gene Bradbury

The Star Tree, A Christmas Bedtime Story. by Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Victoria Wickell-Stewart. The Star Tree invites children to look for Christmas in the natural world.
Cloud Climber, Gene Bradbury

Cloud Climber. by Gene G. Bradbury, illustrated by Hannah Bradbury. Juvenile Fiction/General.
Faces From a Broken Star

Faces From a Broken Star, short stories by Gene G. Bradbury. There was a time when traveling across country one might pull into any small town in America and find a mom and pop cafe. Today, they are largely gone. In these stories you're invited to meet the regulars at the Broken Star Cafe.
Quiet Places, Morning Walks

Quiet Places, Morning Walks. Notes between Secular and Sacred. Poems by Gene G. Bradbury. While we are all in some sense spiritual people, we live in the physical world. These meditations are an attempt to find the meeting ground between the two worlds in the hope that they might speak to the reality of the one and our need for the other.
Walking on Water book

Walking on Water. Poems by Gene Bradbury.
Let Me Be Your Servant

Let Me Be Your Servant. Another great book by Gene G. Bradbury. A quote, an experience, and then reflections.
Sauntering with Thoreau

Sauntering with Thoreau. Poems by Gene G. Bradbury.
Traveling in Company, Gene Bradbury

Traveling in Company. 4th book from Gene G. Bradbury, but his first book of poetry...

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